We are working very hard to offer you the best experience with our platfrom.

A new look, A new feel, A new focus

Welcome to the new Tellalis - More inspiring, more empowering and build for you!

Tellalis aims to provide one-stop solution for implementing creative projects. We take pride in enabling you discover a broad range of experts in the making, in order to create your projects more efficiently.

What you can discover here

Are you the next creative / maker we discover?

Are you specializing in specific materials or techniques?

Are you the next Advisor who would like to join our team?

What does it mean for you

01. Reduce Time

Let us do the hard work for you. We will only require basic project details, while we will assist you from concept until the end.

02. Reduce Cost

Whether you look for supplies for your renovation, a fine artisan to create your custom furniture, a fabricator to develop your prototypes, we make sure your match is going to be within your budget and timeframes.

03. Secure Payments

We know how challenging it can be to manage everything for your projects. We would like to offer you the luxury and security of our automated system for invoices and contracts to secure your payments and protect your intellectual property.

This project has been co-funded from the European
Union Structural Funds and the Republic of Cyprus.

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