"COLLEZIONE" 2012-2013

Series of works which moves in the same subjects with a previous series of works ('' collezione 2010-12''). The use of the female body, with powerful torque in androgynous as a way of diffusing ideas or projects remain a concern, but in an ironic way. Substantially, it is not the projects or the ideas themselves that are being judged, nor their projection. The argument relates to the type of projection, expressed also by irony, which deconstructs the very idea or project. So, is it really necessary to use the “impersonal” androgyny as a tool for viewing projects, and changing the means of projection, what is the impact on them? The new element in this series of works, relates to the mass of impersonal and yet in a sick display of view. (73cm x 24.5cm x 9cm) http://meletiosmeletiou.com/structures/collezione2012-2013

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