Search Light Lamp


A Scrap Collector friend of mine told me one day if I could see and evaluate a search light lamp he managed to get from an old ship wreck. I knew immediately that I would have a great challenge to face.... He brought the lamp to my workshop but really it did not look like one!! It was a massive metal drum of 70cm diameter totally destroyed, full of corrosion holes and a dozen layers of bad sailor painting!! I could hear the poor sailor cursing the captain while painting on the deck on a cold winter afternoon!!! The project was not an easy task at all but the result was very rewarding for my soul. After restoration and a new 'old look' base, I managed to connect new wiring and make this lamp glow again. Amazing curved front glass and a curved back reflector this search light could send it's light 500 yards away and be visible from a distance of 20 nautical miles. The 500W Philips lamp was replaced with a stylish round filament lamp in order to avoid Electricity 'suicide bill'. I had a couple of tempting offers while still working on it but my friend didn't want to hear a word!!! It stands at 2.20cm height and proudly decorates his apartment. Well? Got old staff and thinking of getting rid of them? Not any more...! I buy it for cash or restore it for you!!

This work is not for sale!