The buildings facade consists of five materials: All window frames are aluminium in its natural colour. The left half of the building is white paint with clear windows. The right side of the building is fair-faced concrete with frosted windows. I wanted to create a front door that would be both striking and minimal in its design. For this reason decided to go with a very simple design where the handle is cut into the main door and the material repeats within the handle. The second door does not have a handle but opens with latches. For the material I wanted a rusted metal look and through research realised that a door made of rusted sheet metal would leave stains on clothes and hands as the layer of lacquer covering it would wear away over time. Therefore, I searched the market for an alternative material that would give me the same look without the disadvantage. Finally I landed on a material called Neolith by TheSize, a Spanish company specialising in man-made sheets of a ceramic nature that come in many different finishes. I went with Iron Grey as it was the colour that most suited the building. The sheets come in many different thicknesses, I decided to go with 5mm thickness as it would allow for the water jet to cut holes within it without braking and at the same time wouldn’t be too thick adding extra weight to the door. A frame was created by a carpenter and then a sheet of neolith was stuck on both sides to complete the design.

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