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Terms of use for Tellalis.com


Tellalis is an online community platform. The website wishes to act as mediator of various creative artists, designers and / or suppliers of all and different types and / or fabricators of all and different types and manufacturers and/or craftsmenwith variouspotential clients and/orcollaborators for designs/products/artwork/supplies.The website aims to showcase individuals with  the relevanttalent, creativity, originality, uniqueness and professionalism. Tellalis will also provide an online learning platform for users to interact with each other. Designers and/or artists and/or suppliers and/or any individual physical or legal person whose products/artwork/supplies are showcased on the Tellalis websiteretain ownership of all their intellectual property rights for their designs/products/artwork/supplies.Tellalis does not have any interest in the intellectual property of the designs/products/artwork/supplies, plans displayed in its website. Tellalis has a limited license only to display any of the designs/products/artwork/supplies  on its website.

These terms of use apply to your use of the Tellalis website, our services and operation of Tellalis accounts. You need to ensure that you have familiarised yourself with these terms prior to using the Tellalis website. By entering the Tellalis website, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to be bound by these terms. If you have any questions about these terms, the Tellalis website or the services, please contact us directly.

We may change these terms from time to time and at any time by posting the amended terms on the website. All changes will become effective from the date that they are posted and shall be deemed to have been accepted by all users of the Tellalis website as from the time and date that they are posted. The user of the website is under the obligation to read and accept the Terms and Conditions prior to proceeding.

In these terms, we refer to: the designer and/or the creator and/or the producer of designs/products/artwork/supplies as the "Artist"; the “Designer”; the “Supplier”; the “Fabricator”; the “Craftsmen” ; "you"; or "your"; as appropriate;

Any reference to www.tellalis.com shall be made to "Tellalis"; "us"; "we"; "our"; or our "Website".

Any reference to “Buyers” shall mean any user and/or visitor to the Tellalis website who might be interested in the designs/products/artwork/supplies that are showcased on the Tellalis website.

Your use of our website is also subject to the Privacy Policy.

How Tellalis works

Artistsmust open either a Basic Tellalis account or a Premium Tellalis account to access our services. Opening a Basic Tellalis account is free.  For opening a Premium Tellalis account a fee of €2(two euros) per month for the period of 12 months, i.e. a fee of €24 (twenty four) per year is applicable.Tellalis also offers to interested Artists the opportunity to apply for a Premium Tellalis account for the period of 6 months, at the price of €12 (twelve euros).

The Tellalis accounts provides Artists/Designers/Fabricators/Suppliers/Craftsmen with an online place to advertise, share, make and showcase their designs/products/artwork/supplies.

IMPORTANT: Any designs/products/artwork/suppliesand content that you submit for upload to the website must be your own original work or you must have the explicit permission of the creator to use it in the way you are. Tellalis does not assume any responsibility for the authenticity, permission and/or originality of the work posted by the Artists/Designers/Fabricators/Suppliers/Craftsmen on its website.

Basic Tellalis Account

The Basic Tellalis Account allows each user to register with Tellalis and be able to upload up to 3 (three) pieces of their work of their expertise free of charge. For each piece of work users are allowed a maximum of 2 (two)uploads.Any of the three designs will be advertised under the Tellalis design page randomly with other Designs/Art work/products/supplies of the Supplies/ Fabrication category as these will be posted by other Tellalis Account holders, subject to the priority of any Premium Tellalis Accounts as this is defined below.

Premium Tellalis Account

The Premium Tellalis Account is available to every user that pays the fee of €2,00 (Two Euros) per month. The fee must be paid for at least 6 or 12 months in order to be able to enjoy the benefits of having a Premium Tellalis Account. Once you have a Premium Tellalis Account you have priority in the showcase page whereby your products/designs/art work will be shown at the top of the website more frequently than other Designs/art work.Your maximum upload limit is 20 (twenty) products/ artwork/ design. For each item you are allowed 3 (three) images each.

Tellalis differentiates between two distinct categories  of Premium Tellalis Account holders as follows:

a)                  Category A: Creative.

The Creative category consists of the Designers and/or Artists. Any Designer and/or Artist who is a Premium Tellalis Account holder are allowed to upload a maximum of 20(twenty) items on the showcase site of the Website.

Other benefits for Category A – Creative are selected discounts, as these will be announce by Tellalis in due course, on tickets for the workshops Tellalis will create, present and/or have responsibility for as sponsor.

b)         Category B: Making

The Making category consists of the Suppliers and/or Fabricators and/or Craftsmen. The Making category will enjoy the benefit of the alliances that Suppliers and/or Fabricators and/or Craftsmen may receive from Artists and vice versa. Premium Tellalis Account holders in the Making category shall give discounts/promotional offers to other Premium Tellalis Acccount holders as these will be agreed between Tellalis and the Suppliers/Fabricators/Craftsmen respectively.

The Premium Tellalis Account holders of the Making category will enjoy the open calls competitions/physical creative workshops as these will be arranged and regulated by Tellalis and will have participations in the awards, prizes that will be offered by each Premium Tellalis Account holders Suppliers/Craftsmen/Fabricators respectively.

The Making category Premium Tellalis Account holders will enjoy the benefit of combining their offers with the Creative category and be able to enter in competitions / workshops as these will be arranged by Tellalis and have a chance in winning prizes/awards.

c)         Category C: Combination

A combined profile means that you can showcase yourself both in the Creative but also in the Making category.

The fee for obtaining a Premium Tellalis combined Account is € 4 (Four Euros) per month for a minimum of at least 6 months or 12 months.

Subscription account terms

Your Premium Tellalis account may only be used by one person physical or legal - a single account in order to be shared by multiple people will only be permitted upon the express consent of Tellalis. Tellalis might request for confirmation in order to allow multiple users to use a single profile. The maximum people that will be allowed to use a single profile is 5.

Payment, refunds, upgrading and downgrading

A valid credit card is required for a Premium Tellalis account.

In order to sign up for a Premium Tellalis Account you will have to be assessed by Tellalis. Once the assessment procedure is finalized you will be required to pay the fee in regards to the timeframe of your choice in advance.

Tellalis undertakes to inform you 15 (fifteen) working days prior to the termination of your paid time period as a Premium Tellalis Account holder. Once your Premium Tellalis Account has elapsed you will have to pay the relevant fee for the timeframe of your choice in order to be able to enjoy the benefits Tellalis has to offer to its Premium Tellalis Account holders.

If you fail to renew your Premium Tellalis Account, your account will remain in Tellalis’ records but will not be showcased as a Premium Tellalis Account until the relevant fee for the relevant time period of your choice has been paid to Tellalis.

Premium Tellalis account is billed in advance on a 6 (six) month or a 1 (one) year basis and is non-refundable. There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused with an open account. In order to treat everyone equally, no exceptions will be made.

In case you wish to downgrade, Tellalis will not make any refunds. Downgrade will take effect from the moment Tellalis is informed in writing of your intention. You will no longer enjoy the benefits of having a Premium Tellalis Account.

Downgrading from Premium Tellalis may cause the loss of content, features, or capacity of your account. Tellalis does not accept any liability for such loss. 

Cancellation and termination

You are solely responsible for properly cancelling your Premium Tellalis account. Any intention for cancellation of your Tellalis Account, both the Basic Tellalis Account and the Premium Tellalis Account will have to be communicated to Tellalis in writing by your email/ correspondence method of your choice, as this was selected at your assessment process. A phone request to cancel your account is not considered valid.

All of your Premium Tellalis benefits will be immediately ceased upon cancellation. 

If you cancel Premium TellalisAccount, prior to the expiration of your current paid up period, your cancellation will take effect immediately and you will not be charged again.  Tellalis will not make any refunds in case of cancellations.

Tellalis in its sole discretion, has the right to suspend or terminate your Premium TellalisAccount and refuse any and all current or future use of Premium TellalisAccount for any reason at any time. Such termination of Premium Tellalis Account will result in the deactivation or deletion of your account or your access to your account, and the forfeiture and relinquishment of all content in your account. Tellalis reserves the right to refuse Premium TellalisAccount to anyone for any reason at any time.

Tellalis reserves the right at their sole discretion to terminate and/or cancel a Tellalis Account, either a Basic Tellalis Account or a Premium Tellalis Account in case this Account is reported by any other third party. In case a Tellalis Account is reported, each case will be considered individually and at Tellalis’ sole discretion.

Modifications to the service and prices

Tellalis reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, its service (or any part thereof, including any part of Premium Tellalis Account) with or without notice.

Prices of all services, including but not limited to the 6 (six) month or 1 (one) year subscription fees for the specific Premium Tellalis Accounts,are subject to change upon 30 days’ notice from us. Such notice may be provided at any time by posting the changes to the Tellalis website.

Tellalis shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of Tellalis or Premium Tellalis accounts.

Showcasing your designs/products/artwork/supplies

You can showcase your creativity/professional service in your Tellalis showcase by uploading your designs/products/artworks/supplies with photos, details, specifications and prices onto our website. Our website will contain a showroom for each profile and can be visited by anyone who will be allowed to enter into our Website. Any third party may visit the Tellalis Website but only registered users will be allowed to unlock and view all contact and information of the designs/products/artwork/supplies showcased on our Website.

Limitation of Tellalis Liability

Tellalis does not purchase or sell the designs/products/artwork/supplies nor is it the designer/artist/supplier/fabricator/craftsman or seller of them, nor does it guarantee payment by any party nor does it guarantee quality of the designs/products/artwork/supplies or service quality of any of the Designers/Artists/Suppliers/Fabricators/Craftsmen as these are showcased on the Tellalis Website. Tellalis only acts as the mediator between the designers/artist and/or Suppliers/Fabricators/Craftsmen of any of the designs/products/artworks/supplies showcased on the Website and the users and/or visitors and/or any third parties that might be interested in the designs/products/artwork/supplies.

We accept no liability for any designs/products/artwork/supplies displayed on the website, do not give any warranty nor make any representation about any designs/products/artwork/supplies on the Website, and are neither a seller nor agent of the Designer/Artist/Supplier/Fabricator/Craftsman as might be showcased on our Website.

Selling fees

Tellalis does not charge fees to list your items for sale (other than the Premium Tellalis account subscription fee), and does not charge sales success fees either. We reserve the right to change this at any time.


Intellectual property rights

Designers'/Artists intellectual property

You retain ownership of all intellectual property rights for your designs/products/artwork/supplies as these will be provided to Tellalis. Apart from the limited license to display the designs/products/artwork/supplies, we are not given any interest in them.

You grant Tellalis a non-exclusive, worldwide, transferable license to display and advertise the designs/products/artwork/supplies uploaded to the Website along with all uploaded content.

The license extends to use in Tellalis promotional materials including the website, electronic and printed marketing material and advertisements.

The license applies from the date a design/product/artwork/supply and/or any of its contents is uploaded and continues for a period of 1 (one)year after the design/product/artwork/supply and/or any of its contents is removed.

Granting a license to Tellalis does not restrict your rights to grant the same or similar rights to other persons while these terms apply.

We will not, without first obtaining your express authorisation, publicly display or distribute to third parties the technical specifications of any design/product/artwork/supply and/or any of its contents that you upload on the Website. For the purposes of this section, technical specifications include any computer design formats.

You explicitly grant Tellalis the right to post and/or display any of the details of your personal data and/or information as these have been provided to Tellalis. In case of any change please inform Tellalis team accordingly in order to maximise your showcase and output to the Tellalis users and/or visitors.

You must inform us of any change in ownership to a design/product/artwork/supply and/or any of its contents or part thereof.

You hereby grant Tellalis to promote and/or advertise any of yourdesign/product/artwork/supply and/or any of its contents to other websites and/or any other social media. You hereby agree that the Terms and Conditions of the social media to which your design/product/artwork/supply and/or any of its contents are displayed will be applicable and not these present Terms and Conditions. Tellalis accepts no liability for the terms and conditions of any other website/social media.

Our intellectual property

We own, control or have the right to use and provide the website, all content on or from the Website such as data, text, images, articles, photographs, illustrations, audio and video clips but NOT including your designs/products/artwork/supplies.

You may electronically reproduce and store the content of the website solely for your own personal use. You may not display or distribute the content of any part of the website or its content in public, including any reproduction in any form on the Internet, without our express permission.

Any infringement of our intellectual property rights will be fully enforced under Cyprus law.

Your information

Your use of the website and our services will generate certain information that will be recorded electronically by us. Such information collection and our use thereof is subject to our Privacy Policy.

Information of this type may include, for example, your IP address, your usage statistics, etc. We will also record your contact details, credit information and any related personal details that you supply or that we obtain independently.

You acknowledge that we, our employees, carriers, contractors and agents may use or disclose any of the information identified in the previous paragraph for purposes connected with the supply of the services to you. Examples of purposes connected with supply include, for example: administration of your Tellalis accounts or the website; carrying out credit checks; keeping you up to date with new offers/changes at Tellalis; sharing with contractors to enable you to use or facilitate your use of the website, to ship the services and to manufacture designs/products/artworks/supplies.

You may at any time make a written request to see any personal information that we hold or to ask us to correct any mistakes in that information.

You agree to allow Tellalis to post any information about you, which will not be detrimental and/or offensive to you or your personality. Tellalis does not accept any claims for defamation and/or loss as to the information and/or data that you have provided to Tellalis for display.

Email policy

This demonstrates our firm commitment to your privacy and the protection of your information.

Why did you receive an email from us?

If you received a mailing from us your email address is listed with us either: (a) As someone who has expressly shared this address for the purpose of receiving information from us; or (b) You have created an account with us.

How we protect your privacy

Your information is protected by our Privacy Policy.

Sharing and usage

We will never share, sell, or rent your email address with anyone without your advance permission or unless ordered by a court of law. Your email address is only available to employees and contractors for purposes of contacting you or sending you emails based on your request for information or having created an account with us.

How can you stop receiving email from us?

Each email we send you contains an easy, automated way for you to unsubscribe from our mailings. To unsubscribe simply follow the instructions at the end of any email. You will never be emailed again. (Note: We retain the right to email you in the case of critically important information. For example, our system is about to change in a way that may cancel your actively used account. We assume you’d like to know about information as important as this. We expect this type of email will be few and far between, if ever.)

Our responsibilities


We will provide access to the website and use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the website operates reliably and consistently, but we do not guarantee that the website will operate uninterrupted without any faults.

We are not responsible for any losses suffered by you as a result of: any interruption of the website however caused; suspension or termination of your access to the website or cancellation of your account; any sales or purchases of designs/products/artwork/supplies; your use of the website.

Your responsibilities

Tellalis accounts

Access to your Tellalis account is by your designated username and password. You may change your password at any time.

You are responsible for ensuring that no unauthorised access is obtained through your account. You will be exclusively liable for all activities conducted through your account whether or not authorised by you until such time as we are notified of the unauthorised use.

If we have reason to believe that there is likely to be a breach of security or misuse of the Website, we may suspend your account without notice. The Tellalis Website also provides its users the facility to report any of the users of the Website. Tellalis will investigate and will at its sole discretion and upon reasonable cause decide whether the reported Tellalis Account holder is in breach of any of the Terms and Conditions of its Website.

You may not create alternate accounts for any purpose whatsoever.In case Tellalis suspects the creation of such alternate accounts, it reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate any of your active Tellalis accounts, including Premium Tellalis and Basic Tellalis accounts without any notification to you.

Tellalis provides anonline community platform for you to to interact with other designers/artists/suppliers/fabricators/craftsmen but also get promoted to a wide audience which might be interested in you designs/products/artworks/supplies.

General responsibilities

You are responsible for:

You shall not:

Your warranties to us

You represent and warrant to us in relation to each design/product/artwork/supplysubmitted to the Website, that they do not contain or infringe the intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark, brand etc) of any third parties and that you have the right to market and license the relevantdesign/product/artwork/supply.


You agree to keep us indemnified against all claims, actions, losses and expenses of any nature which we may suffer or incur or for which we may become liable in respect of or arising out of these terms or your use of the website or the services.

You will hold Tellalis harmless from any third-party claim for intellectual property infringement in relation to any design/product/artwork/supplyand/or any of their contents.

System integrity/security

Information sent using the secure sections of the website is never sent over the internet unencrypted—it is secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. However, all electronic data on the internet is potentially susceptible to interception by others. Accordingly we cannot and do not guarantee that data transfers using the website will not be monitored or read by others.

We do not store credit card information unless expressly instructed to do so by you for the purposes of payment of a recurring amount. When this information is stored, it is not stored by us, but by our payments processing company.

Payment & invoicing

Payment by credit card

Where you pay us via credit card for anything whatsoever or where we facilitate your payment to a seller via a payment provider, you agree to indemnify us against any default by your credit card company to make payment to us in full.

Computer errors

In the event that computer error results in a material misstatement of the fees of your order we may, prior to your receipt of the order or at any time thereafter, require that you pay us the different between the amount actually paid by you in respect of your order and the correct amount payable.

In the event that we become aware of any misstatement prior to an order, we will make reasonable endeavours to contact you and advise you accordingly. You may elect to cancel your order to the extent of the misstatement.

Disputing amounts

If you believe that a mistake has been made in relation to amounts charged by us, you must notify us in writing at least 10 business days after receiving our invoice. We will acknowledge in writing receipt of your request to investigate within 5 business days of your notice to us. Our acknowledgment will specify an indicative timeframe for completing the investigation.

Upon completion of the investigation, should it be determined a refund is required either all or in part, the amount will be refunded within 10 business days of such completion.

Suspension or termination of access to website

You acknowledge that we may terminate, suspend or restrict your access to the website at any time at our absolute discretion.

Exclusion & limitation of liability

We will not be liable to you under the law of tort (including negligence), contract or otherwise for any loss of profits or savings or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, arising out of or in connection with the performance or non-performance of any of our obligations under these terms or otherwise out of your use of the website or our services.

In any case, our liability to you arising out of any claim for damages for any reason will under no circumstances exceed either the cost of replacement of the product or refund of the price paid.


If you have a complaint relating to the website you should contact us here.

We aim to provide a written response to all complaints within 10 business days.

General terms

Entire agreement

These terms (including any terms or policies explicitly incorporated by reference) amounts to the whole of the arrangement between you and us relating to your use of the website or our services. These terms replace any prior related agreements and understandings between you and us.

No waiver

No delay, neglect or forbearance in taking enforcement action in relation to any provision of these terms by Tellalis will be a waiver, or in any way prejudice any right, of that party.


If any part of these terms is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that part will be severed and the remainder of these terms will remain in full force and have full effect.


We may subcontract to any third party all or part of our rights and obligations under these terms.

Cyprus law

These terms are governed by Cyprus law and any legal action against us must be taken in a Court in Cyprus.

If you or any third parties access the website from outside Cyprus, this is done at the user's own risk and the user is responsible for complying with the laws in the place where they access the website.


We will send relevant invoices and notices, if and as required under these terms to the email address nominated by you.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep us informed of any changes to your contact details.

You will be deemed to have received a notice sent by email at the time that we send it.


We reserve the right to change these terms from time to time. All material changes will be published on our website.

The agreement as amended will take effect from the date the relevant amendments are published on our website.