Elias Shamaelas

Art and Craft / Sculpture / Lighting Design / Fabricators /

Dear Tellaliens welcome to our community Elias Shamaelas, a restless creative with 20 years experience in the art of sculpturing and an enormous body of work. His work is mainly in steel but has experimented with many materials and techniques and has developed his own techniques in natural steel finishing, Grinding pattern techniques, 3D sculpturing and mixed materials. As he states: « I love creating my own art pieces but mainly I collaborate with Architects and Interior Designers on commissioned work and installations. Pure Art pieces, Functional Art, Furniture, Fire Place Profiles, Vintage Furniture using French old oak barrels, Recycle material, natural wood and renovations. Many architects and designers have amazing ideas.... which need to be....... downloaded in ReAl LiFe. Collaboration with an experienced artist/craftsman with a wide range knowledge in techniques and materials might give some perfect results!!» Discover part of his vast work at: http://www.tellalis.com/user-Shamaelas

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